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OC Naturals & Frankie B Design

Crikey! We are thrilled to announce a collaboration between Frankie B Design and OC Naturals, bringing you a limited edition Body Wash Range featuring unique label designs from Frankie B Design. The collaboration not only showcases Frankie B Designs signature style but also helps raise funds for the Australia Zoo’s Adopt an Animal program, making it a perfect blend of art and sustainability. The Adopt an Animal program is an initiative that helps support the care and conservation of a variety of animals, including the protection of endangered species and the development of conservation programs.

This collaboration is more than just a Body Wash Range, it is a unique blend of art, sustainability and conservation. Each purchase of the soap not only supports the use of natural and sustainable products but also helps in the conservation of animals. 



 Support a good cause and make a difference in the environment and animal conservation by purchasing this limited edition Body Wash Range. Be sure to grab yours while stock lasts, available at Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets.


The soaps comes in two scents, Frangipani & Nectarine and French Pear & Apple.

Reasons to love OC Naturals? 

✅ Australian owned 

✅ Sustainable

✅ Natural and organic ingredients

✅ Cruelty free 

✅ Smell amazing


[Images sourced from OC Naturals]




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